Brussels Leuven 2025

On Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 April 2025, Brussels and Leuven will be the stage for the brand-new European Running Championships. For the first time, official European Championships open to all. You can run the race where elite runners will compete for a medal. A unique way to experience a top sporting event as an insider. In addition to the mythical 42.195 km, the half marathon and 10 km get their own European Championships.


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European Marathon Championships

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European Half Marathon Championships

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European 10K Championships

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General registrations open on 11 April at the second participant rate.

Saturday 12 April

European Half Marathon Championships

Sunday 13 April

European 10K Championships

European Marathon Championships


The marathon starts at the Royal Palace in Brussels, the heart of Europe. An undulating course then takes you straight to Louvain. A 10 km city loop is followed by a heroic finish at the Parkpoort, the exact same spot as where the Road World Championships finished in 2021.

The half marathon and 10 km set off from Leuven and cross the city and wider surroundings.

* Course subject to change

Run with the champions

For the first time, official European Championships open to all. You can run the race where elite runners will compete for a medal. A unique way to experience a top sporting event as an insider. The 25 fastest athletes, both elite and amateur, will compete for the country ranking and the European Champion title.

Run the Belgian Icons

From the Royal Palace, past the European Parliament, to Tervuren Park, Leuven’s City Hall and the Stella Artois brewery. There’s no lack of Belgian icons along this brand-new route. Moreover, you can only run this unique marathon course during the European Running Championships. A once in a lifetime experience that you do not want to miss!

Belgium’s biggest running event

It goes without saying that the European Running Championships will be the biggest running party of Belgium. Top athletes, recreational runners and fans will again transform Leuven into a vibrant city of sports four years after the Road World Championships. Brussels, the European capital, as the start for the marathon of this first edition only completes the picture.


The European Half Marathon Championships will be held on Saturday 12 April, the European Marathon & 10K Championships on Sunday 13 April.

The marathon starts in Brussels (by the Royal Palace) and finishes in Leuven. The half marathon and 10K start and finish in Leuven.

Of course, the European Running Championships 2025 are ‘open’ races. Both elite and recreational runners will compete for the European title. However, to be eligible for the official country ranking, you have to be at least 18 years of age for the marathon and half marathon, or at least 16 for the 10K.

Yes, you can, non-Europeans can participate in each distance. Their end time will be displayed in the results but will not count for the official individual, team or country rankings.

The net finish time of the top 25 runners per country (including elite runners) will be added up. This will form the basis for the country ranking per competition and gender. The country with the lowest aggregate time in each race and gender category is declared the winner.

You have to indicate the country / nationality you are representing on the registration form. When collecting your participant pack, we ask to see a government-issued photo ID as proof of nationality..

Did you complete your pre-registration? Then you are guaranteed a spot at the cheapest rate. From 28 March every participant who completed pre-registration will receive an email to claim their registration. There will not be a lottery.